About Us

Love Doge is a 100% community project, which is jointly crrated by DOGE and BTC enthusiasts. Its purpose is to reach agreement between DOGE and BTC and achieve high growth.

Love Doge is created on the Binance Smart Chain, the next evolution of the contract that generates revenue while you sleep. You automatically receive Love Doge tokens just for holding!

Love Doge initial division

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000


The token contract adopts a static reward system. 10% of each transaction is taxed and divided into three parts:


In order to fully understand token redistribution, we will educate you on the concept of reflection:


Classic Redistribution

This is a concept promoted by the SafeMoon token. This mechanism encourages token holders to hold in order to obtain dividends from transactions (buying and selling). The redistribution is based on the percentage (in the contract), the current token balance and the number of holders.


Token Redistribution

Evolved from HODL and GhostFace, each buy and sell order is charged a transaction fee, holders of more than 100,000,000,000 tokens can visit out website to claim these rewards. The tokens rewarded to holders depend on the number of tokens they hold and the current volume of transactions.


Love Doge redistribution conditions

For the following reasons, manual declaration is not intuitive: